The Amazing Benefits You Need To Know About Hemp Fabric

What Is Hemp Fabric?

Hemp fabric is a sustainable type of textile made of natural fibers from the cannabis Sativa plant. The hemp plant is versatile and has the ability to be grown in a variety of soils. Hemp thrives in warm, tropical weather and helps keep the soil healthy. 

Hemp fibers, also known as cannabis Sativa fibers, have been around for centuries and were used to make a variety of different products in Asia, China, and the Middle East. This type of hemp fiber is perfect in apparel made for everyday use, due to its high quality and sustainability. There are some amazing key benefits of hemp fabric.

Benefits Of Hemp Fabric

Hemp fabric is one of the most eco-friendly, high-quality fabrics in the world. Here are some of the key benefits of using hemp fabric:


One of the most interesting facts about hemp fabric is that it’s naturally pest-resistant. This means that little to no pesticides and fertilizers are needed for the hemp plant, which is essentially better for the environment.

Very little water is needed for hemp farms and hemp plants have minimal growth requirements. The hemp plant is so beneficial and environmentally friendly that all parts of the hemp plant can be used, therefore, nothing about this plant is wasteful. 


Hemp fabric is hypo-allergenic, meaning it’s far less likely to cause irritation to the skin than other fabrics. In fact, hemp fabric may have the ability to kill certain bacteria, which helps decrease the risk of skin irritation.

Provides UV Protection

Apparel made of hemp fabric is perfect for the spring and summer because it has UV resistant properties. Sun protection is important for the health of your skin, therefore, this is a great fabric for the warmer months.


This fabric is very durable. Apparel made using hemp fabric will likely last for years. Hemp fabric is stronger than cotton and often used in products such as towels. 

Very Affordable 

Hemp plants grow quickly and require less to grow, therefore, producing hemp fabric at larger quantities is easier. Hemp plants are less expensive to farm, making hemp fabric less expensive for consumers at such high quality. 

No, Hemp Is NOT The Same As Marijuana

Many people believe hemp to be the same as marijuana. Both hemp and marijuana derive from the cannabis Sativa plant, however, marijuana contains much higher levels of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than hemp. Hemp has very little to no traces of THC, certainly not enough to be considered a psychoactive substance.

THC is the substance in marijuana that makes consumers “high”. The chemical makeup of hemp is very different from the chemical makeup of marijuana.

So to answer your question, you won’t get “high” from using hemp-related products with significantly lower levels of THC than marijuana!

Where Can I Find Apparel Made With Pure Hemp Fabric?

Here at House Slippes, we offer pure hemp house slippers that are specifically designed to:

  • Stylishly provide your feet with comfort
  • protect your feet from bacteria and viruses
  • keep them warm indoors during the cooler months
  • and allow them to breathe outdoors during the warmer months. 

The natural pest-resistant benefits of hemp fabric make our pure hemp house slippes beneficial for wearing outdoors and keeping the pesky bugs away!

The Colourful Joy Slippes are made using pure hemp, which means they’re incredibly durable, breathable, and have high moisture-wicking abilities that can significantly help to reduce sweaty feet. 

As the warmer season approaches, our feet will start to see more daylight. Protecting your feet all year long, especially in the warmer months, is critical.

If you’re looking for an cute, environmentally friendly, affordable pair of slippers that can be worn indoors, the Flower Slippe is perfect for you!